Portable X-Ray

PX1 Handheld Backscatter X-Ray Imager
The Videray PX1 is the most advanced, 3rd generation handheld backscatter on the market!


With 140 keV and our patented optics, the PX1 makes it easier to thoroughly scan any surface quickly, analyse images and dispositions scanned objects without harm. 
  • Backscatter X-Ray Technology – Deeper penetration in: Steel, Aluminum, Concrete, Carbon fiber, Typical Plastic
  • High quality 4K integrated camera, Dual flashlights, and precision line lasers
  • End user oriented platform
  • Custom 7″ HD Display optimized for high contrast outdoor readability and ruggedness
  • 73 Watt- hour Li-ion Battery 6+ hours of typical use
  • Tamper-evident Encrypted Database
  • Passive + Active cooling for use in the most extreme outdoor environments
  • Passive Radiation detector for dirty bomb detection (optional)
  • Panoramic view through Image Stitching
  • Proprietary x-ray shielding technology for safest operation of equipment]
  • Unlimited data storage with our VideCloud Online Storage
  • Full connectivity (Wi-Fi Bluetooth, GPS and cellular)
  • The PX1 is completely user friendly
  • Integrated emerging technologies (such as artificial intelligence, object recognition, etc.) plugin and add-ons Find out more about the Videray PX1 in this Brochure 

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