Fire resistant coating for air handling systems
Vermiduct® is the complete fireproofing system for air handling duct systems.


A holistic system, specially developed to provide up to four
hours fire resistance level (FRL) or fire resistance period (FRP),
Vermiduct® is ideal for both steel and plastic ducting, as well
as fan enclosures, dampers, access panels, plenums, wall
penetrations, electrical and data cable trays, and separating
construction. Testing at the CSIRO has proven that Vermiduct®
complies with even the most stringent international standards –
more details are provided on the back of this brochure.

Effective fireproofing
The high thermal conductivity of unprotected sheet metal
ductwork means that its fire resistance is low. Applying
Vermiduct® significantly increases that fire resistance – with no
additional wrap-around or rigid insulation required.

Easy to apply
Vermiduct® is simply applied by spraying using conventional
equipment. A comparatively thin coating is needed (20-25mm
or 35-38mm gives two hours FRL/FRP to British and Australian
Standards respectively), making it a very quick and cost-effective
treatment that cuts down on installation time.

Mechanical reinforcement
Mechanical reinforcement is needed for supply air ducts, as
well as when applying Vermiduct® to air extract ducts, such as
kitchen exhausts, smoke spill, return air and exhaust air ducts.
Mechanical reinforcement should be equal to Quikmesh® by LAF
and for enclosures on other self-supporting barriers, Trimesh®
maybe employed.


Technical information
Production and packaging
Vermiduct® is manufactured under factory-controlled conditions
in accordance with ISO 9001-2000 Quality Standard, ISO 14001
Environmental and OSHAS 18001 Safety Standards. It is delivered
to site in ‘batch’ form, ready to be mixed with water to the
required consistency before application.
If kept in its original polypropylene lined paper valve sacks,
Vermiduct® can be stored in dry conditions for up to twelve
months, provided the bags are kept covered, off the ground and
away from wet or damp surfaces or areas of high humidity.

A 50-litre bag of Vermiduct® will cover approximately 1m2
at a nominal thickness of 50mm. Overspray and waste will affect bag yield and we recommend allowing a minimum of 10 to 15 percent waste when making coverage calculations.

The dry density of Vermiduct® is 280 kg/m3

Thermal conductivity
The thermal conductivity of Vermiduct® is 0.0819 W/mK (tested
in accordance with ASTM C518-02)

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