VECTOR THAI TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. is an innovative company which provides high technology equipment solutions for all aspects such and infrastructure sector. We have been succeeded to supply those achieved values and commitments to our customers over 20 years.

In 2002 Vector Thai Technology Co., Ltd. has established formally to operate imported product and system engineering equipment.

During 2003-2008 Vector Thai Technology Co., Ltd. has been appointed exclusively as the sole office distributor in Thailand  towards Ruskin, Titus, Systemair and Taisain is product. Also continuing to develop and expand the businees opportunity.

In 2009-2019 Vector Thai Technology Co., Ltd. has imported and distributed various brand of aeronautical engineering equipment categories for instance Cavotec, Dimark, Gilardoni, Youyang, Fonderie Belli, Butzbach, Suer Scan and CTI Systems to serve the needs of being a distributor of high-quality products and equipment in airport industries.

Currently Vector Thai Technology Co., Ltd. remains adhering to enhance the engineering quality system through the distribution of high-quality products and equipment. Therefore, the company continues to elect high-quality technology products and equipment for import and distribution for a complete range of engineering system works specifically. building contractors, distributors, high technology, The only one in Thailand, control the quality.
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